Expert Interview

We’re currently booking Expert Interviews with business owners in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to start.

During our beta-launch, for the first 200 interviews, we’ll be picking up all the production costs in exchange for your feedback after the interview is done. That’s all we’re looking for!

This is a win-win for both of us:

For You:
We position you as an industry leader which will help you get more customers. As well you save $1,000 in production costs by dealing with us now.

For Us:
To get the project off the ground fast, it’s easier to give the interviews away for free to start. What we’re interested in is your feedback or testimonial about us after the interview is done.

This is the highest converting corporate video marketing tool we’ve ever seen for promoting a business online.

We’re launching with multiple industries in preparation of our new mega-site Inside Local Reviews. 72 segments for each city will be hosted here.

So take a look at some samples below and call us today. You can also reach us via live chat, look for the blue button on the lower right of your screen.

The 200 spots are filling fast, so don’t wait, let’s talk today!

Interview Samples
During the Beta Launch

Video Interview Samples
Not Included in
the Beta Launch

Other Segment Samples