Home-Based Business ownership can be the most rewarding endeavor you will ever undertake. It’s almost the new year and the time for making big dreams a reality has come. This article will give you fifty business ideas and we have more coming for Franchise Shoppers in days to come.

Home-Based – Owning a business is the big dream of more than 40% of the workforce according to Forbes. And, for millennials, it’s more than 60%. Many of them are interested in running their own home-based operation right from home.

Are you one of them? If this is your ambition, you’re probably wondering which home-based business opportunity would work best for you. This article has 5 tips for spotting the business opportunities that are most suitable for you.

Why own a home-based business you ask? The article covers five good reasons to choose a business opportunity that lets you work form home. It also has a list of the most popular. Since there are thousands to choose from, it is limited to the top 50 that work especially well for people who want to own a home-based business of their own.

Home-Based Business Opportunity / How To Spot the Right One

Enjoyment. The most important factor is finding a job that interests you. After all, you’ll be doing it day after day, week after week. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll end up dreading each morning, not just Mondays morning.

Track record. Do your research. How long has the firm been in business? Is the name well known to consumers? Is it profitable home-based business?

Stability. Of course you want to avoid get-rich-quick schemes. But beyond that, you want an opportunity that has legs. Verify that the company has a real product or service, and it is in demand. Are others with this franchise or in this field making money?

Training. Is ongoing training available? This most likely would be available through the company headquarters. But you can also seek out other resources like your community college, trade organizations and help from the previous owner.

Investment. Does it fit your budget? It doesn’t make sense to get a second mortgage or sacrifice your retirement funds just to start a business. Choose an opportunity that you can afford. Later, as you make money, you can scale up.

Why A Home-Based Business?

There are numerous reasons that make working from home the ideal for many entrepreneurs. Here is a look at the top five, as reported in U.S. News.

Commute. One of the reasons mentioned most often is no more commuting in rush hour traffic. The average commute in the U.S. is 25.5 minutes. Many workers report trips each way of 1 hour, 1.5 or even 2 hours. Owning a home based business can solve this issue right away!

Get more done. Meetings eat up much of the time for office workers. In addition, chatting with co-workers around the office eats into productive time. At home, you can structure your environment to give yourself time without distractions to get more accomplished.

Comfort. It’s true, you can run a home based business from your kitchen table in your pajamas. When you want to go for a walk, there is no one to stop you. You can walk around while talking to suppliers or customers on the phone. In short, you can arrange your business any way you want when you work from the comfort of your own home.

Work when you want. Instead of the 9 to 5 grind, you can choose when you write your memos or articles, add sales or products to your website, fill orders or deal with paperwork. If you are wide awake at midnight, you can easily fit in some work time when you have a home-based business. Try that with an office job!

Connect when you choose. Instead of working cheek-by-jowl with your colleagues, you can decide when to reach out to your network and your customers. This extra space helps to restore a sense of balance and creativity in an entrepreneur’s life.

Home-Based Top 50

Check out the many ways you can own your business and be home-based aka work-from-home, either full time or part time. Opportunities are available in a wide range of fields.

Electronics and the Web

Home Video Studio. Enjoy fooling around with cameras? You can make a solid income at home from this in-demand skill, providing content for companies on the web. Working with Home Video Studio, with access to the right tools and guidance, you can turn this one business into 27 different profit centers, all from your own home.

Instant App Wizard Home. With mobile devices taking over, the demand for apps has never been stronger. Instant App Wizard lets you sell web apps to businesses in your area. You get the training and tools you need to start right away.

My Business Venture. Did you ever dream of creating your own online store? Then choose My Business Venture, which provides you with a website store that sells over 10,000 of the best selling toys, home goods and gifts.

Cell Routes USA. Cellphones are everywhere. Cash in with accessories for these necessities. Cell Routes USA gives you an exclusive territory. Set up displays at local retailers and count your money!

The Six Figure Mentors. Using an advanced digital business system, you can earn a steady online income with The Six Figure Mentors. They provide you with a complete blueprint and weekly support to profit on the web.


Perks Nearby. Businesses in your area need loyalty programs and the ability to offer shoppers coupons and deals. With Perks Nearby, you can offer these in-demand marketing tools to firms in your area.

Speaking Roses. When you join Speaking Roses, you will learn how to print logos and messages, even photos, on the petals of live flowers, fruits and other types of edible products. The service is new, innovative and in demand.

Conklin Company, Inc. IBO. If you like variety, consider Conklin. They sell over 130 award-winning, environmentally safe products for health, pets, buildings, homes and equipment. They range from fuel conditioners for your car to animal supplements that keep your pet healthy.

Fillipp. Help local businesses with mobile apps, coupons, messaging needs and websites. Fillipp has a turnkey business that requires no experience, letting you easily sell a suite of interactive products directly to local businesses.

SaivianCash. Shoppers love to earn cash back on their purchases and restaurant meals. Make it easy for them as a representative of SaivianCash. Consumers can earn up to 20% cash back and you earn a steady residual income.

BeBizBroker.com. Just like you, there are people all over the country looking for the perfect business opportunity. Match them up to the right company and earn money for your efforts.


Charter Financial. This is one of the most affordable opportunities to get into. Charter helps you break into the note brokering field, a service that is in demand whether the economy is up or down. You match people who want immediate cash for their owner-financed mortgages, lottery winnings, business notes, structured court settlements and deeds of trust.

Federal Direct Tax Services. Do you enjoy working with numbers? Become an in-demand tax specialist with Federal Direct Tax Services. They provide a range of training, including income tax partnership packages that help you become compliant with both the IRS and banking standards.

Commercial Capital Training Group Financial Opportunity. Businesses always need loans. That’s why the chance provided by Commercial Capital Training Group Financial Opportunity is so in demand. You learn how to contact the right businesses and help them get the loans they need.

S&J Judgment Business. Find out how to set up your own judgment asset investigation company, with the help of S&J Judgment Business. You help companies and individuals collect what is due them, as determined by the court.

QR Invoice. Food service, office supply and construction companies are just a few that deliver products and services on a daily basis. Invoicing and then collecting payments can be a hassle for them. But, QR Invoice is a cloud-based service that simplifies and speeds up the process. Become a distributor for this helpful service that is useful for many types of companies.

IACFB. Factoring is a reputable method that businesses have used for decades to ensure a steady stream of income. With IACFB, you can enter this field. You get the training you need to qualify leads and then send them to industry factors and other alternative lenders.

America’s Tax Office. Do you enjoy crunching numbers? Consider becoming a tax preparation specialist. Everyone dreads doing taxes, so the market for this service is huge and grows every year.

Gold Star Recovery. Sadly, businesses all over the country struggle to collect from late-paying customers. As a Gold Star Recovery dealer, you help them get the money they are due while earning a commission for yourself.

Bridge Advisors. Many workers in their 40s and 50s are concerned about having enough to retire on. Bridge Advisors uses an automated platform to help them invest successfully using their retirement account. This allows them to increase their opportunities for financial growth.


Celebrate Home. Are you the first one in your neighborhood to welcome new homeowners? This is the opportunity for you. Celebrate Home is a welcome service with exclusive territories. You give away baskets with gifts and certificates from local businesses to people moving to your community.

Serving Seniors. Help people find the best eldercare services for older family members. With America’s aging population, Serving Seniors is a business that has an ongoing demand. You will learn how to launch your own Senior Resource and Referral Network.

Arise Virtual Solutions. Do you enjoy customer service? Then Arise is a good choice. You provide business services right from your home to provided by Arise. They work with Fortune 500 companies like Staples, Carnival and Orkin.

Cemetery Restoration Pros. Many people enjoy wandering through old cemeteries. What is sad is the number of monuments that have fallen over or are damaged. Families hire contractors who understand how to get them looking clean and whole. Cemetery Restoration Pros teaches you how to restore old headstones, beatify grave sites and maintain them.

Age Safe America™ Age Safe America™ is dedicated to meet the growing need for Home Safety Assessments and Aging-in-Place Home Modifications. Take advantage of multiple revenue streams and the opportunity to be part of an exciting and rewarding industry with tremendous projections for growth and success.

Domestic Needs

Mattress by Appointment. Mattress by Demand lets you sell all major mattress brands to people who ask online for more information. It isn’t cold calling or MLM. You receive a protected territory and get training each week, as well as support calls.

Starscapes. Love to watch the twinkling stars at night? Make it a business with Starscapes. People will pay you to install a stargazing ceiling in their bedrooms. All you need is a ladder and the tools and techniques provided.

Ambit Energy. As a consultant with Ambit Energy, you help homeowners save money on their energy bills. The service covers electrical, natural gas and solar energy. You earn a residual income, so the original sale is just the start.

Unique Imported Wines. Do you enjoy wine? Consider Unique Imported Wines, the perfect opportunity for wine lovers with an overall knowledge of different types of wine. You can sell wine from France, South Africa, Argentina, Chile and other countries.

OrganoGold. Who doesn’t drink coffee? OrganoGold is cashing in by offering a healthy type of gourmet coffee. You can earn a residual income each time a customer has a cup of Joe!

Houses and Offices

National Property Inspections. Enter the booming property inspection field, with over 5 million inspections done annually. The company provides a turnkey solution, including training, tools and support

Cleanout Foreclosures. If you enjoy home maintenance and cleaning, this is an excellent, low-cost opportunity. It teaches you how to tidy homes that are in foreclosure and keep them suitable maintained until they are sold.

U.S. Lighting Group. Businesses are always seeking ways to lower their overhead. When you become a distributor with U.S. Lighting Group, you help them lower their energy bills using innovative LED lighting.

Reveeo Real Estate Video. Run your very own video business for the real estate market in your area. Using the social media platform provided by Reveeo, plus their branded videos and other tools, you can help local realtors and home sellers.

Arbor Home Design. Made especially for those with experience in some area of real estate or construction, the Arbor Home Design opportunity sets you up to help clients design, source and build their new home.

National Tub Repair Training Center. Replacing a bathtub is expensive. Learn to repair them, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars. You can earn a steady income for this high-demand service.

Personal Development

Lifes True Purpose. Do you want to help individuals improve their lives? Lifes True Purpose offers a range of home-study courses and live seminars in the area of personal development, leadership and wealth creation. The products are updated annually so they always stay in demand.


Discount Drug Network Affiliate Opportunity. Health costs keep rising. Help individuals with their prescription drug costs by working with Discount Drug Network. You make your money each time they use the handy card that lets them save money.

It Works. Sell beauty and wellness products to people who want to lose weight and have more energy. It Works offers products that are affordable, effective and organic. They have a full line of nutritional supplements, body contouring products and a skin care line.

Regeneration. The natural food and supplement field is booming. From Boomers to Millennials, people are worried about their own health and that of their family. Regeneration USA is a home-based MLM and direct sales opportunity that helps you tap into this lucrative market.

Rx Cut. A healthcare savings organization, Rx Cut helps patients save money with a pharmacy discount card that even works for pet medications. Rx Cut also offers savings on dental care, vision and telemedicine care.

ZLicense. Turn a basic driver’s license into a life-saving device that helps First Responders access essential data in case of an emergency. ZLicense is a sleeve that slips over a standard license. It has a QR code and number that provides clear medical information immediately. You can sell this handy device to anyone with a driver’s license or identity card.

doTERRA International Wellness Advocate. On a daily basis, millions of people use essential oils, nutritional supplements and other types of personal care goods. Join doTERRA, a respected home based MLM opportunity that taps into this vast market.

Water In Cash. Join the Kangen Water home-based business to sell this healthy product to consumers. Everyone needs water every day. In business since 1974, Enagic offers training and powerful website and marketing help.

Entertainment and Beauty

Artemix Entertainment. Temporary tattoos that are airbrushed on are hot. Get into this field with Artemix Entertainment’s home based business-in-a-box. They supply everything you need, from training to tools.

Personal Touch Products. Everyone loves a personalized keepsake. As a dealer for Personal Touch, you can choose the business package that fits your investment budget. They use the innovative Gifts on Art software to produce stunning designs.

Christian Family Bookstores. Provide families with entertaining, up-to-date books, music, toys and games, artwork and more, all with a Christian slant. It is the perfect choice for part-time or full-time income, or as a sideline for a charitable organization.

WOR(I)D Global Network. Get involved in the cutting edge Space Brand Computer and Lumina Glasses. People are enthralled with this unique system. Become a representative and earn money from this opportunity.

The easiest way to get your home-based venture started is to go here and see what fits your lifestyle, wants, needs and then buy a home-based business for 2016!

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