Almost every single successful online marketer works with video advertisements. Social media video marketing is a fantastic way to promote any business you are running. Sure, you still need to make sure that your marketing includes SEO, blogs, and much more, but you really cannot ignore the impact of video. Large corporations spend millions of dollars making video and showing them on our television screens because they know the power of video. What sets video apart? There are many ways it goes beyond every other type of marketing.

Not Everybody Reads (I use Social Media Video Marketing and Text):
The biggest obstacle to other types of advertising is that there are a lot of people who do not like to read. Even on the internet people don’t like reading much. Sure, blogs are read by millions of people, but if you were to compare the popularity of blogs to the popularity of something like YouTube or Netflix, the blogs do not even come close in any way. Blame culture, our educations system, or anything else, we don’t know why people don’t like to read but the statistics are clear that they don’t. Book writers have known this for years and there have been many campaigns to get more people to read.

Easy to Consume:
If you want to read an article or a blog you have to sit and read every word. You have to be attentive. Video, on the other hand, is a very low commitment marketing method. You can just play a video and then you sit back and see as the video unfolds in front of you. You don’t have to look at the screen closely to read the words; you can instead sit in a comfortable stance away from the screen. This comfort is one of the main reasons people like videos so much more than other forms of content.

Social Media Video Marketing is Engaging:
The biggest advantage of online video marketing is that it is engaging. With videos you have a lot of tools you can use to engage customers. You can include great visuals in the video to engage people visually, you can include music to engage people aurally, and you can even put in some text in it to make it stand out. You can make people feel different emotions by using different types of music.

Video Marketing Puts a Human Face to the Marketing Campaign:
When you write something, people will be reading your words. When you make a video, people will be watching you. Video marketing is fantastic for affiliate marketing and MLM because it allows the viewer to engage with you. It allows you to build rapport with your potential customers because they can see your face. They recognize you, not just as a company or a business, but as a person. You can make small jokes, ask people how they are doing, and build a stronger relationship with all the viewers. We are always more comfortable with a statement if we can put a face to it.

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