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An offer has been extended to do a Local Expert Interview with you for a new CNN style show launching soon called:

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What is it?

We work with Business Owners to create a Local Expert Interview video:

  • That highlights your story, and what makes you better than your competition and why you stand out from the crowd. 
  • We’re going to position you as an Industry Leader and that will help you get more customers.

We’re underwriting the production costs of $1,500, in exchange for your feedback after the interview is done. 

There is No financial cost to you at all, and there is no catch. 

All we need from you is about 1 hour of your time for the interview. 

If you’re happy with the outcome, we would like to get a testimonial about your experience on working with us.

win-win for All

For You:
We position you as an industry leader which will help you get more customers.

For Us:

To get the project off the ground fast, it’s easier to give the interviews away for free to start. What we’re interested in is your feedback or testimonial about us after the interview is done.

High Converting:

This is the highest converting corporate video marketing tool we’ve ever seen for promoting a business online. 

How we do it

We’re currently booking Expert Interviews with business owners in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to start. 

During our beta-launch, for the first 200 interviews, we’ll be picking up all the production costs (an average of $1,500 per project) in exchange for your feedback after the interview is done.

That’s all we’re looking for!

This site will be heavily promoted online covering 72 segments per city!

“Exclusive Expert” status available.

Take a look at some samples below and contact us today via live chat, look for the blue button on the right of your screen, and one of our Field Agents will be in touch with you shortly.

Segments Currently in Development:

Alternative Holistic Medicine
Wedding Services



Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Contractor - Live

Bridal Alterations - Live

Florist - Audio

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