19 Power Tips to Create a Website to Boost Your Brand and Crush The Competition.

This is what you need to
Create a Great Real Estate Website.

Do what other real estate agents will not, and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a website, just make it look good, allowing you to invest more money in strategies to drive traffic to your site.

Here are the Top 4, but check them all.

1. Mobile Friendly

  • This is the number one problem with websites, lousy navigation.
  • We live in a 3 second mentality world, without a mobile friendly site your visitors are simply gone.
  • Make sure it’s as easy to navigate on a cell phone.

2. SSL – Secure

  • Without one it’s a huge liability to you.
  • Make sure the site is secure as it protects both you and your visitors with their personal information.

3. Use Lots of Video

  • The more video you create the richer you get.
  • This is a nano-second world, so capitalize the effective results using video.
  • Build your brand and your career.

4. Facebook Pixel

  • A Facebook pixel is free.
  • Continue the relationship after a visit to your site. Display dirt cheap video view ads to them on Facebook.
  • In the old days you wanted an email list, nowadays you want a digital list.

5. Privacy Page

  • This is a major liability to you, as it’s the bare minimum required by law.
  • Fines are being issued without it.

6. Video Home Page

  • Hugely popular and you can highlight your own listings and others.
  • Highlight your local area and your team.
  • It simply looks great!

7. Google Ads Pixel

  • Even if you’re not going to use Google ads start building your digital list for use in the future.
  • Many agents don’t do this and you’re losing out on future opportunities.

8. Google Analytics + LinkedIn Analytics

  • These two are the foundation for Analytics and figuring out how visitors are using your site.
  • The more that you know the better it is.

9. Google Maps Link + Google My Business

  • This is a highly underutilized asset in the digital world.
  • Properly structured it can produce incredible local marketing results.

10. Page Speed (Server speed)

  • Have you ever gone on to a website that was super slow?
  • How long did it take you before you left?
  • Make sure this never happens to you!

11. Social Proof With Client Testimonials

  • Next to lots of video this is one thing that will help make you rich.
  • It is super important to get feedback of any kind going in your favour.

12. Online Appointment Booking to Easily Schedule Viewings

  • Give people the opportunity to set an appointment 24 hours a day.
  • You’re going to maximize your schedule.

13. Listing Integrations Like IDX or Nestio

  • Allow the ability to search all of the listings in the area and not just your listings.
  • This one is one of the highest used features on real estate sites.

14. Call To Action

  • This could be to set an appointment.
  • It could also be to download a cheat sheet to get people into your email and digital list.

15. Neighborhood Profile Pages

  • Build your local presence and specialization in each of the sections of your city.
  • The more defined you are on the neighborhoods, the better it is.

16. Live Chat

  • You can use regular live chat like we do, or WhatsApp, or FB messenger, click to call.
  • As long as the visitor can hit something and chat right away for questions.

3 Cool Marketing Tips:

17. Free Animated Logo

  • Stop by our page and order a free animated logo to help you with your digital marketing.
  • Over 1500 templates to choose from.

18. 198 Ways to Use Video to Boost Your Real Estate Career and Build Your Brand!

  • As mentioned above the more video you create the Richer you get and here is 198 ways to help increase your wealth, your brand and your career.

19. Highlight Your Clients

  • Create Video or Audio Interviews.
  • Talk about what makes them special.
  • Add the interview to your FB page.
  • Tag the Client.
  • It is shared with all their friends.
  • You get lots of free publicity.
  • Advertising is what you pay for, free publicity is what you pray for!

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