198 Ways to Use Video to Boost Your Real Estate Career and Build Your Brand!

Real Estate Video Samples

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Facebook Marketing Tip

Facebook loves video. So make sure you Tag your client and that will share to all their friends feeds, this is one of the best uses of free Facebook marketing.

Real Estate Video Samples

Check out some great samples of videos you can use on your website, social media, facebook ads and more.
Click here to see the samples.

9 Foundation Videos:

Listing Videos

First and foremost this video is a must for your listings, and build social proof. You can use vids from other agent listings if you don’t have any in your current portfolio.

About Me

This is the video to highlight you! Give people an idea of who you are and how great a person you are. Tip: Talk about the end result of working with you, not just about you.

Most Expensive Listings

Everyone loves to dream, and this is where you list some uber rich properties. Just the traffic value of these alone are worth it for the share value.

Neighborhood Video

Highlight the local hangouts and the places based on the possible lifestyles – more detailed the better. Create one for each set, those with kids, without kids, singles etc.

Recently Sold

This is one powerful video, as it showcases your historical success working with clients. It also shows the prospect the types of homes you sell. Low. mid or high end.

Selling Your Home

Selling your personal home? Document the entire process and make a video. People will relate to what you are going through. Insight videos are very popular.

School Video Review

This is a huge selling point and something you can send to every person you speak to with kids. You should have one video for each age group from Kindergarten to High school.

Home of the Week

It’s a great idea to promote one or two homes a week. These videos are for the “I want it” reaction. Focus on the best features of each property not the entire property.

Host Free Seminars

Hosting mini-seminars for various real estate transactions are a great way to meet new prospects, or even educate current clients. Show off your knowledge.

9 Client/Interview Videos

Client Testimonials

“Nothing draws a crowd, quite like a crowd” Video feedback from clients is liquid gold. People believe other people. The more the merrier, video testimonials sell you!

Previous Clients

Take a picture with your clients and then add them to a client collection video is a cool idea and most clients will accept a picture if they won’t do a live tutorial.

Share Client Stories

We all love to read the journey people go through in life. So make a mini movie about your client. Some will be all over it. Believe it, they will share it with everyone.

Self Employed Clients

Self- employed people love this stuff! They feel special, do a video just on them. This is so crazy successful. Mention it during the initial interview! It helps close.

Community Events

Community events is liquid GOLD for getting to know people. You can do mobile interviews, hand out your cards for more in-depth interviews! 

Buying Anniversary

We all love to feel special. So never forget your client’s anniversary of the closing. It was a big day for them. Let them know you care by making it a big deal.

Highlight Local Business

Select local firms, ask to showcase the owner and the business for free. Do a fast intro highlight the owner/business. Post to their social media as well.

Create a Referral System

Check with your broker for possible incentives to get past clients to refer family, friends and associates. The better the incentive, the more referrals will come.

The Moving Truck

This one has extra costs. Invest in a moving truck with your branding, and let people use it to move. Park it around town not in use, or use it in trade shows. Stand Out.

6 Authority Videos:

Broker Videos

Your broker might have a collection of high-end promo videos. Mix and match and make new ones highlighting you and other marketing tips. Look good Fast!

Tips Videos

Everyone loves tips. Tips make life easier for people, and if you make life easier, they remember you. So work on the top 20 questions you get from prospects.

Real Estate Topics

Look up large firms and the videos they do for explaining real estate topics. This allows you to look like an authority. You can post these all over the web.

Interview Authority Figures

Possible: custom builders, auctioneers, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, appraisers, contractors, financial experts, marriage counselors and much more.

Industry News

Industry related news content – Works well in 2 ways: 1. It’s great social media content. 2. Builds your image as an authority figure. Become the go-to person for news.

Business Testimonial

Business network reviews are a major bonus. You can cross promote to their networks as well. Non-client testimonials show that you are respected in the community.

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Real Estate Video Samples

Check out some great videos.
Click here to see the samples.

15 Company Videos:

Employee Birthdays

Remember you don’t have to reveal the age of the person, but this is a great way to feature and humanize your team. Many clients don’t get to meet everyone!

Company Announcements

Client and Prospects alike enjoy hearing about inside activity going on with their favorite brands. The more comfort they feel the better life gets.

Company Anniversary Events

This is a great time to get your clients together for a party. Company BBQs, or any social event to bring people together so they can interact with other clients.

Open House

Blast this video with geo-targeting. Always promote these videos for people to drop by the open house and take a look around. Virtual open houses work as well.

Team Recruiting

Looking for new agents or support team members? Hiring = growing = success. Make videos of the position you are looking for and post to employment sites. You stand out.

Anniversary of Employment

This is a great way to show off how long your team has been together. People like stability, so show them how proud you are of your teams work time.

Owner Life Insights

If you’re the owner, a broker or an agent, your clients and prospects will connect when they see you open up your life and humanize who you are. One word: Magical…

Charitable Giving

Giving back to the communities in which you work with is super powerful. Try to sponsorships that get you large media attention. Sharing is Caring!

Community Service

These videos have far-reaching benefits. People want to work with those who care about the community. So let everyone know it, show off what you care about, it’s fun!

Home Valuations

A great way to capture leads. However, make the approach about the feelings after selling the house, not just “Know what your home is worth”. Focus on feelings.

Employee of the Month

There is not an employee on the planet who does not like the recognition of this achievement. If they stand out, let the world know about it.

Cross Sell Services

Many real estate companies have branches for additional services. You can create a video outlining all the benefits of using the sister companies vs competitors firms.

Recent Closings

Success breeds success, so shout out what you and your team have been doing and how well you are doing it. This is a great way to tag everyone and utilize free promotion.

New Team Member

Make these videos about the person and watch your audience open up the welcome comments. Engagement is the magic of posting. Everyone will feel good.

Price Reductions

When you get those properties that are just not selling and you need a price reduction to stimulate the market again, then create a specific video for that.

5 Offers / Joint Ventures:

Price Reductions

When you get those properties that are just not selling and you need a price reduction to stimulate the market again, then create a specific video for that.

Who to Call List

Pack this with local services they might need – have each provider introduced on your video – takes a bit of time but each JV loves you for going the extra mile.

Commission Deals

When you have commission flexibility, then outline the benefits of dealing with you and you have an edge over the competition. It works in wonderful ways.

Local Care Package

Have providers from the Who to Call list, or bring new local providers on to a video that explains what people get. It shows that you care, even before the sale is over.

Joint Ventures

JVs are limitless. Be creative. Many companies will contribute items to make Welcome Packages or any other cross promotion that bring them leads for virtually free.

Claim a FREE Animated Logo

Grab your free animated logo.
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Real Estate Video Samples

Check out some great videos.
Click here to see the samples.

27 Social Content:


If you want engagement, add animals. It’s the #1 shared media on the net. Yours, theirs, it doesn’t matter. Get it, make it funny and post it. Thank me later. Or now 🙂

Ask for Referrals

If you’re shy about asking for referrals, then make a video of it and explain the benefits to you and them. Another video mentioned incentives, mention it again here.

Question & Answer

Video was made for this stuff. Never do Q&A in type. You can have huge engagement just on your Q&A posts. Ask what people think about it and how you can make it better.


Listed here are 393 real estate question video ideas in one CSV file, click and download, no need to sign up.  Or visit: AnswerThePublic.com

Competitor Listings

Competitor got a killer video, use it. The source is not important if your post looks good. Add: If you are not currently working with an agent, let’s go see it.

Throwback Thursdays

We all love to laugh at these crazy pics 🙂 You can do them on yourself, clients, community, county or just about any topic. Have fun, be creative. Enjoy the comments.

Thank You

Thank you! Video you getting gifts and using the item. Tag the giver and watch the results 🙂 You can never have too many chances to say Thank You! Sharing is caring!

Seasonal Tips

Homeowners don’t sell when you want, so nurture them and teach how to maintain the property in peak condition for when they are ready to sell. Teachers always win.

Home Technology

There is no going back, it’s forward ho baby! Home tech is huge engagement posts, use them! Ask for opinions on the tech of the week, make sure you respond to each.


Polls require thought so educate yourself on it for a successful outcome, but once you master it, it can be magical to spark engagement (not likes) from your followers.

Client Events

Tag and share here, tag and share. It hits all their friend’s feeds for free. These appreciation events make clients feel loved. Use them as much as you can.

Humor Posts

We saw this 30 sec vid on Cleavage Fishing that got 500k + likes, shares and comments. Wrap a good item with your intro-outro. Don’t forget to link to the source.

How-to + DIY Tips

Many want it cheaper and the satisfaction of doing it themselves. Great opportunity to become the teacher. Save people time and money, they’ll never forget you.

Funny Holidays

Highlight either annual holidays, or your holidays that you take and share the experience. Humor is what sells and gets views, shares and likes. Be goofy, get rich.

Blog Post

If you have a killer blog post (based on stats), then turn it into a video. Have you found someone else’s killer post, then turn it into a video. And yes, tag everyone.

Client Created Content

The 3C’s of huge interaction on posts. people love to create and share, so why not on your touch points. In turn they will share on their touch points. Everyone wins.

Reading Club

Mega huge and agents don’t use it. Make a video of the book you are reading and share it to the world. Include links to where they can buy it. Reading clubs are great.

Garage Sales

Share local garage sales for the area or just your clients. Saturday or Sunday am in the summer is not the same without some garage sale hopping.

Simple Vote Contest

Videos can show people how to answer these simple questions like “Which picture do you like best?” All interaction can be used with Facebook retargeting.

Giveaways or Contests

Free is good baby. $50 gift cards all the way up to $$$ trips. If you want a lot of page engagement, this is it. Have local firms donate prizes to boost the reward.

Feed Stories

Stories are booming on most of the popular networks. Create video checklists and get your face out there. Repetition in branding = Success. max out the use of stories.


Staged homes sell faster and for more. So take the time to teach homeowners how to do this without hiring service providers. Help them help you down the road.


Always use your branding. Found something cool? Wrap it in a video with your brand, and quote the source. What motivates or moves you? Keep testing and gauge results.

Fun Facts

Are things getting boring? Drop some fun facts and watch people like and share them. Make pictorial videos if you don’t have video clips. Just get it done!

Room Showcase

Post video of rooms and ask what people would do to make that room more appealing. The suggestions will blow you away. Offer a $50 cert to the best idea!

My Dream Home

Make videos of the properties you would like to own yourself. Voice over these explain the features you like and don’t. Watch the comments explode on the posts.

Article Curation

Use sources like buzzsumo.com find popular posts , then make curated videos about them and include links to the original post. Article curation is big business.

127 Seasonal Videos:

127 Seasonal Videos

Plus 127 additional ways with ideas every month. Talk about wonderful social media content, and you can touch on many topics.

Check out our Seasonal Calendar here.

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